Q: Are the rails bolted or bonded to the floor?
A: The rails are bolted through the floor with VW factory strengthening brackets.

Q: Can the Uberbus Flux be locked anywhere on the rails?
A: Yes the seat can be locked every 12mm.

Q: What sizes are available?
A: At the moment the Uberbus Flux is available in 112cm 2 seater and 150cm 3 seater variants.

Q: Where can I get an Uberbus Flux fitted?
A: We have a number of approved fitting centres over the UK which are listed on this website here, if you have a convertor that you would like to use that are not on the list then please ask them and we will set them up with the relevant information and training.

Q: Can the Uberbus Flux be fitted to any other mark or model of van?
A: The rails are designed to be fitted to VW Transporter T5, T5.1, T6 and T6.1 body shells only.

Q: Will a UB Flux RIB fit in a Caravelle?
A: Although the rails are the same as a Caravelle and will fit in theory, the seat will not clear Caravelle side plastic panels.

Q: Does the floor need to be higher to accommodate the rails?
A: Yes the floor is 15mm higher but the seat still remains the same height above the wheel arch and head height as a standard RIB.

Q: Can an UBERBUS Flux RIB be removed?
A: Due to the weight and lock position it is not possible to remove it easily.